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Tailored Learning Approach

At Kendall Academy, our primary objective is to create a secure and nurturing educational environment that fosters a love for learning while offering a personalized learning approach. We strive to create a positive atmosphere that enhances the learning experience for every child.

Our curriculum is designed to cater to the unique learning style of each child, thereby promoting a healthy academic appetite. We firmly believe that our teachers play a pivotal role in encouraging children to learn in their own way, by providing a stable and comprehensive setting. As a result, Kendall Academy is widely regarded as the best preschool in Vero Beach, Florida.


Three Year Old Preschoolers

What Makes Kendall Unique

Kendall Academy is the perfect preschool for families in the Vero Beach area seeking early education for their children. Our program welcomes children from 10 months to Pre-k, and we take pride in our age-appropriate curriculum and small student-to-teacher ratio.

Our approach is designed to inspire and motivate children while fostering a love of learning through interactive and engaging activities. Join us at Kendall Academy for an unforgettable preschool experience.

What We Offer

We have ensured that every aspect, ranging from the playgrounds to the classrooms, and even the food, is meticulously designed to provide a secure, safe, and age-appropriate environment that encourages learning and exploration for your child.

Preschoolers and their teacher

Curriculum & Learning Objectives

Children acquire knowledge by engaging in activities. They learn through play, experimentation, exploration, and testing. The adaptable schedule for each class can be found on the parent’s board located in your child’s room. Our preschool curriculum is designed to cater to different age groups and is based on the following fundamental principles:

  • Children learn best through dynamic investigation.
  • Children are encouraged to initiate their own learning.
  • Open-ended experiences are crucial for effective learning.
  • Adults play a crucial role as facilitators in the children’s learning process.